Spare Parts Procurement
We Source What You Service

Goedecke has compiled an internal database of over 5,000 finished hardware and components vendors, and combined with an additional 2,000 vendors from subscription services, we are equipped to handle any and all requests our clients may have.
Supply Chain Management
Bridging the Logistical Gaps

Central to our efforts at maintaining beneficial business relationships is the idea of total client satisfaction regardless of the size and scope of an individual transaction.

To do so we engage in Advanced Exchange Procedures and the utilization of Forward Stocking Warehouses for optimal fulfilment services.
Independent Distribution
The Best Parts at the Best Price

Here at Goedecke we are independent resellers and distributors of over 70 OEMs. Our 15 years in the industry has allowed us to build long-lasting relationships with many of today's top OEMs through which we can negotiate favorable prices on our clients' behalf through confidential deal registrations with companies such as Dell, HP, and Brother. We are not limited by any OEM in selling refurbished equipment, nor do we offer third party replacements or competitor products.
Business Process Outsourcing
Focusing on Your Core Competencies

Our India entity is fully staffed with capable employees at your disposal for tasks such as:

-Part Sourcing
-Business Partner Acquisitions and Relations
-IT System Administration
-Software Development
-Customer Service and Sales

Welcome to Goedecke & Associates Inc.


As a purveyor of superior service and product quality Goedecke prides itself on facilitating the needs of its clients on a reliable, consistent level regardless of the size or scope of the task at hand. We view ourselves as an extension of our clients' purchasing department with veritable resources at our disposal and the means to adapt to an ever-changing economic climate thereby promoting market agility and cost-effective business practices.

Our supplemental service offerings of repair and maintenance services, Supply Chain Management, BPO and Software Solutions allow us to rise above our competitors and their niche market offerings to provide comprehensive services to our global client base.

Our dedicated international staff brings to the marketplace 25 years of experience in the worldwide distribution, maintenance and repair of high technology parts in the IT, Medical and Banking/POS industries. At Goedecke we are committed to total customer satisfaction, superior product quality and service.



We are Certified!


We Are Certified!We Are Certified!We Are Certified!